Lasting Connections – MLB Players who Grew up Together

This is the third installment in my recurring series on pairs of players whose careers produced similar numbers.  looks at two who were very popular with teammates and fans alike.  These two also have a lasting connection from childhood.  They grew up playing baseball together in the Norfolk, VA area.  Twenty years later they played […]

Baseball Season Adventure — Part Two

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend I attended my first American Association game.  I wrote about this geographically diverse league prior to the 2021 season. The Sioux Falls (SD) Canaries held a single-admission doubleheader (due to a prior postponement) during their final homestand of the season with ideal weather.  This meant vivid sunshine with low […]

Long Baseball Careers Cut Short by Injury

I love looking back on the careers of players who are close to my age.  I like to remember what I was doing during their prime playing years.  I recall particular games which I watched or listened to. This article is the second in my recurring series on pairs of players whose careers produced similar […]

Learn from Baseball Statistics — Shortened Playing Careers

I love learning from the statistics of comparable players from the same era.  The numbers can yield perspective on a player’s longevity and productivity.  The numbers can also inspire fans as we learn from the unique experiences of players who persevere.  This article is the first in my recurring series on pairs of players whose […]

Overcome Adversity Like an All-Star

Almost everyone faces adversity in some form.  Baseball fans can be inspired by players who overcome injuries.  Many of the best players have had the greatest physical challenges.  A longtime Minnesota Twins player who fits this profile is Joe Mauer, an All-Star catcher.  His career spanned the 2004-2018 seasons.  He was voted MVP of the […]

Baseball Fans at Home – Cool Connections

As the summer heat peaks and stadiums are filled with more typical attendance, some baseball fans at home may decide to stay there. Utilizing your connections to watch games can serve as a fine alternative to braving the elements and crowds outdoors.  For those with some entertainment dollars to budget, major league baseball games are […]

Baseball Fans Return as Stadium Capacity Increases

It seemed impossible, like wishful thinking, when MLB opened training camps in mid-February and a few visionaries expressed hope that with vaccines continuing to roll out, games could be played before full stadiums with fans by the start of July.  Some scoffed, or even expressed dismay about the decision to gather 50 to 60 players […]

2021 Baseball Season Adventure — Part One

My first major road trip since the start of the pandemic, with the primary destination of meeting my new granddaughter in Ohio, took me into the heart of High-A Central territory. The first stop of day one was in Cedar Rapids for a tour of the Kernels Hall of Fame and History Timeline.  In the […]

Best Weather For a Baseball Road Trip

How would you find the best weather for a baseball road trip? Last year, I noted the proliferation of year-round travelers who choose to relocate every few weeks.  For some, this periodic migration is facilitated by RV ownership and has the goal of following ideal weather conditions throughout the year.  With the intent of finding […]