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By preparing your documents in MS-Word format with 12-point font you will help me to provide the fastest service at the best price.  Please also provide the total word count.


These are the turnaround times you can expect based on word count.


Once you contact me, we will agree on a time frame for the project.  In return for your deposit of $50 you will be able to reserve time on my calendar.  I will need to receive your Word documents 48 hours prior to your reserved review dates to guarantee your time frame.

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Michael Speltz has exactly what you want an editor to have: an eye for detail. He catches all the small, nitty details that are so easily missed. Also, he’s a grammarian and knows how to write correctly. 

If you are looking for an editor who delivers on time and on budget, who will make sure your book reads well, Michael is your man. He is especially excellent with ebooks and works well with self-publishing authors. 

Ewa Doctor


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Rates are $50 per each thousand words, $25 for up to 500 additional words. 

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