Five Questions to Answer for New Baseball Fans

What five questions would you answer for new baseball fans to understand the game quickly?  As the world re-opens from COVID many people may be looking for new experiences and activities.  It would be great if some of them became new baseball fans!  How would you explain the game to someone for whom it was […]

Five Tips for Baseball Fans to Avoid Waiting in Line

Arrive at the Game Earlier (or Later) Baseball fans can avoid waiting in line by taking advantage of the fact that stadium gates usually will open about ninety minutes before the start of the game.  A real motivator to arrive early is when the team is giving away a novelty or commemorative item because supplies […]

Baseball Shortens Minor League Player Pipeline

The pace of change in baseball has not been slowed by the pandemic and a new whirlwind of activity is expected early this winter as realignment of Minor League Baseball is finalized between major league teams and partners.  Because of necessary steps taken to help the 2020 season progress as safely as possible, we saw […]