Vin Scully – A Man for All 67 Seasons

On October 2nd, 1936, an 8-year boy walked by a storefront near his home in the Bronx, NY.  Seeing the box score of that day’s World Series game posted in the window of a laundry, he felt a sort of compassion for the team that was being pummeled by the powerful Yankees. From that moment […]

The Amazing 2021 MLB Season

The amazing 2021 MLB regular season ended on October 3rd.  Many young players had big impacts and some older players defied their advancing age.  Several teams pleasantly surprised in the return to a full 162-game schedule.  Yet the many amazing performances should not surprise us, because baseball is an amazing game.  This is true at […]

Ballpark Directions – Beyond GPS

If I had talked about ballpark directions twenty-five years ago, the reader would have been thinking in terms of learning the route to the stadium.  The directions to the ballpark to which I refer here relate to the layout or orientation of stadiums with respect to points on the compass.  This is so important that […]