Vin Scully – A Man for All 67 Seasons

On October 2nd, 1936, an 8-year boy walked by a storefront near his home in the Bronx, NY.  Seeing the box score of that day’s World Series game posted in the window of a laundry, he felt a sort of compassion for the team that was being pummeled by the powerful Yankees. From that moment […]

MLB Trade Deadline — Memories and Moves

With the MLB trade deadline at the start of August, this is the time of year when fervent baseball fans eye certain mid-game substitutions with a wary eye.  Is “Player A” injured, or has he just been traded?  Players departing mid-game If a player goes through the dugout hugging teammates during the game (as Giants’ […]

Grow to Love Baseball by Starting Young

I always loved baseball and I want to tell you how that happened.  There are five unique things that appealed to me from my childhood. The average fan can keep score (The game fits in a small space) The game comes to the fans (in the form of souvenir baseballs) It is easy to find […]

Will There Be a 2022 Baseball Season?

What does it mean to the average fan that the MLB collective bargaining agreement has expired? What effect is created with the team owners having “locked out” the players?  For a third consecutive year, there will be worries about the new season taking place. Essentially all the normal off-season activities involving players are halted.  Because […]

Full Capacity Baseball Stadiums? 2021 Attendance Surprises!

After MLB completed a most unusual 2020 season,  played in empty stadiums, it was a relief when the 2020 World Series welcomed fans at 25% capacity.  Many wondered if we would see stadiums at full capacity anytime soon.  Throughout 2021 the pandemic marched on.  Yet in early November, we finished a post-season with many games […]

Five Success Principles: Think Like a General Manager

Do you want to pick up success principles as you enjoy baseball? One need not look far! Every season produces great stories from the on-field performers and those behind the scenes. 2021 was no exception. We can learn from players, front-office folks, and broadcasters. Think Like a General Manager Capping the amazing 2021 season, the […]

MLB Partner Leagues: Attendance and More

When MLB reorganized its minor league system during 2020, each of the thirty major league teams were limited to four full-season affiliates.  In most cases, teams that were left out of the reorganization joined one of MLB’s four partner leagues.  Where the players come from depends on whether or not the team is affiliated with […]

The Amazing 2021 MLB Season

The amazing 2021 MLB regular season ended on October 3rd.  Many young players had big impacts and some older players defied their advancing age.  Several teams pleasantly surprised in the return to a full 162-game schedule.  Yet the many amazing performances should not surprise us, because baseball is an amazing game.  This is true at […]

Baseball Will Never be Automated

Baseball, unlike many profitable industries, will never be automated to limit costs.  It is true that technology, including an automated ball-strike (ABS) system is appearing in baseball.  But this technology assists and enhances the human factor, rather than reducing the need for players.  Like other professional sports, baseball lives in a niche where people PAY […]

Lasting Connections – MLB Players who Grew up Together

This is the third installment in my recurring series on pairs of players whose careers produced similar numbers.  looks at two who were very popular with teammates and fans alike.  These two also have a lasting connection from childhood.  They grew up playing baseball together in the Norfolk, VA area.  Twenty years later they played […]